Event 13

June 8, 2008

The Game: Nick and Ali’s place.

The Standings: A clean slate for everyone.

Players: Peter and Jillian rounded out the points players once more. 7 players, total.

  • Steve, 5 points
  • Willis, 4 points
  • Ali, 3 points
  • Maggie, 2 points
  • Nick, 1 point

Dealer Bonus: Nick once more dealt for us all. 1 point.

Target Bonus: I managed to escape this round despite being heads up with 4 different players at the table. No points awarded.

Target Bonus: … of course that also means that I get to do it again next week. Goodie.

Chit-Chat: We welcomed two new players to the points chase this week, Willis and Maggie. They’re not exactly new to the game, but it’s still nice to see new players on the leader board. This week in the Jasken kitchen featured more straight draws on the board then usually found on Ryan’s drafting table. (Architect = straight lines… yeah I know my humor’s kinda bad.) We calmly discussed some of the finer points in the rules of poker, one of which will be posted forthwith. I also caught kings three times in one night, leading me to believe that next week, I’m going to be playing with a blank canvas. (No paint. Again… bad joke.) But it was worth it, taking a 1st place finish among points players. Jillian won herself about 55 Taco Supremes and called it a night. A very competitive game – four of the seven players survived to the second break.


Rules Changes

June 8, 2008

Poker is a game that is played in different forms in more than 100 countries. Most notably to all of you reading this site it’s also played around one particular kitchen table. And, I think that we’ve all had a lot of fun playing. I know I have.

But, on occasion we need to need to have a few guide lines along the way that help us out and make the game fair for everyone. These are not intended to override anything we’ve done to date… more just to document the decisions that we’ve made up to this point.

We had a situation that occurred several weeks ago that involved one player that ended up placing second due to the fact that she was blinded out for the entire game. Obviously, this was not fair for everyone else who was playing that week… they should not have lost to a player who was not actually present at the game. Therefore:

  • No player will be allowed to be blinded out beyond the 3rd blind increase (or said another way, beyond the 45th minute of tournament play.) All such players will have their chips eliminated from play and receive a score of zero for the round.

In this last round of play, we had a moment where two players were heads-up for a pot and we were at a loss to decide who turned up his or her cards first. A general principle of poker is that a player has the right to fold his or her cards at any time. That being the case, if neither player involved in the pot is willing to momentarily concede his or her right to the other player, the cards will be shown down according to the following rules. (They are taken from Robert’s Rules of Poker.)

  • To win any part of a pot, a player must show all of his cards face up on the table, whether they were used in the final hand played or not.
  • Any player who has been dealt in may request to see any hand that has been called, even if the opponent’s hand or the winning hand has been mucked. However, this is a privilege that may be revoked if abused.
  • If there is a side pot, players involved in the side pot should show their hands before anyone who is all-in for only the main pot. (But, obviously, not until all betting for the hand is completed.)
  • If everyone checks on the final betting round, the player who acted first is the first to show the hand.
  • If there is wagering on the final betting round, the last player to take aggressive action by a bet or raise is the first to show the hand. Calling is not an aggressive action.

I’ve added a link to the official rules of poker site on the left if anyone has any other questions or concerns.


Event 12 (Satellite 2 Finale)

June 4, 2008

The Game: Casa de Jasken y Martinez. The backyard looked impressive, weeded by hand in the nights before.

The Standings: Well, the winning scenarios were posted earlier. Nick, Ryan, Steve and Joel were all looking for a win to improve their scores in this final round of play. Joel and Steve were tied for 1st, with Nick and Ryan not too far behind.

Players: Ali, Maggie, Peter and Jillian made it a comfy group of eight players.

  • Steve, 5 points
  • Nick, 4 points
  • Ryan, 3 points
  • Ali, 2 points
  • Joel, 1 point

Dealer Bonus: Joel earned his point tonight. There was a considerable amount of dealing done.

Target Bonus: Nick eliminated Joel for 1 point.

Chit-Chat: For a game with so much at stake, there was surprisingly quite a bit of comedy. I have absolutely no idea why, but it seemed to be “pick on Jasken” night for a while. Ali mercilessly would not allow Nick to raise into a pot without playing along behind him. Several times Nick was set all in with raises in the exact amount of his chip stack. Nick, however had the last loud laugh after he caught a nut flush to triple up on a hand, keeping him in the game till the bitter end. (I think the whole neighborhood knew he caught that flush, actually.) I certainly was no stranger to lady luck tonight, having caught the dead man’s hand to split a pot four-handed that otherwise would have sent me packing. In the end, it was down to Maggie and myself playing for the cash pot of $70. I won, but I think it was more of a heads-up game of attrition than it was anything else. Trip 4’s didn’t hurt my chances, though!

We’ll add one more red check mark to the leader board after these last 6 weeks and wipe the numbers clean for satellite 3 which starts next week. Thanks for playing, everyone.


Winning scenarios for Satellite #2

May 28, 2008

I realize that having access to the bigger picture might change the way that some of us play this next week of poker, so to be fair I wanted to break down the possibilities for each of the leaders of this satellite.

This information keys on the fact that we will be dropping the lowest score of the 6 rounds that we have player in order to determine the winner. Any bonus’s scored over the last 6 weeks will count toward your final score, even if the score for that week ends up being dropped. The leader boards are based on aggregate (total) scores. The following scenarios take everything into account.

Steve: Current score is 21 points, tied for 1st place. Lowest score to date was event 7 (zero points). Any points I earn in this last contest will be added to my final score.

Joel: Current score is 21 points, also tied for 1st place. Lowest score to date was 3 points (either event 7 or 10.) Joel has to score at least 3 points for his aggregate score to improve, otherwise the week 12 score will be the lowest and it will be dropped. Bonus’s earned for eliminating me, dealing or raking an ace high spade flush are not subject to being dropped and will be added to his total score.

Nick: Current score is 18 points, in 3rd place overall. Lowest score to date is 1 point (either of the last two weeks.) Assuming that he will be dropping one of the last place finishes, Nick’s round 12 score will be added to his accumulated 17 points to determine his final score. Again, bonus’s earned will never be dropped, and Nick is in the unique position to be able to earn 2 points for eliminating both targets from play.

Ryan: Current score is 17 points, 4th place. Lowest score to date was 2 points. Ryan’s second place finish in last week’s contest still places him within a long range striking distance of the satellite win. The best winning scenario I could come up with would be for me to be eliminated first, Joel second and for Ryan to win the last round of play. Depending on who eliminated whom, it’s possible for Ryan to accumulate the necessary 6 point swing for him to win the satellite. Unlikely, but possible…

Good luck to everyone next week.


Event 11

May 28, 2008

The Game: Nick and Ali’s house. To be renamed the “Star Poker Room” here very shortly.

The Standings: This was game 5 of 6 on the current satellite. Scores were very tight, with 2 points separating first place from third place.  Just like in Top Gun, with one more contest to go, every point counts.

Players: Nine players, one table. In attendance other than the points players were Maggie & Sean as well as Willis.

  • Joel, 6 points
  • Ryan, 5 points
  • Steve, 4 points
  • Chole, 3 points
  • Ali, 2 points
  • Nick, 1 point

Dealer Bonus: Nick is getting really good at dealing the cards. Not sure if this is a good thing. 1 point.

Target Bonus: Willis thwarted Steve’s bid to become the first person to win three in a row. No points awarded, however.

New Target: In the final event, both Joel and Steve will be wearing the target. Both players have 21 points.

Chit-Chat: As mentioned previously, we welcomed a new player to our midst; Willis. I think we can expect to see more of him around our game. He performed very well, taking a huge chip lead into the waning moments of the game. Not sure if the “not going to look at my cards” thing is going to work very well in the future, however. That’s not to slight Joel’s victory in any way. Joel has poured it on in recent weeks, playing consistently and working his way into the final rounds of each round. This was his first win and it couldn’t have come at a better time. $75 bucks and it vaulted him into a temporary tie for 1st place. Table chatter was minimal, although I confess to altering a deal by inadvertently grabbing the wrong card for the 2nd time in a row. A rather large streak of cold cards have crossed the paths of our two hosts in recent games.  And, Ryan got a chance to practice his “card hawking” skills – the peer pressure that guy generates is unbelievable! I also clearly need to drink more as these commentaries are starting to lose their flair…


Mexican Rules Poker (Event 11 Postponed)

May 12, 2008

So, apparently there’s some concert in Mexico that everyone is going to…

Getting drunk in Mexico sounds like a good time. Playing poker while your hammered is also a good time. Why not combine the two? So for those who are going, I’m posting the current rules for Mexican Rules poker. In addition to about 20 chips per player, you need an ample supply of bottle caps. Oh, and cards with “blue shot” on them add to the mix.

Mexican Rules Poker

  • Find a dealer chip. It shouldn’t be edible. Play-doh works well.
  • In addition to the chips, each player starts with 1 bottle cap. If there are more introduced to the game later, so be it.
  • Big blind antes a bottle cap in addition to his chips.
  • At any time, a player may demand that someone take a drink. The demand is paid for by 1 bottle cap into the pot.
  • If a player is drinking voluntarily, he should commit a cap into the pot anyhow. Then someone should make him or her drink again for not being drunk enough.
  • 2 pair beats 3 of a kind in Mexico, cause it on my t-shirt.
  • The first person that passes out is the official loser. He or she should have a picture taken posed with the seven-duce, off suit.
  • Everyone else who finishes is tied for first, and may drink in celebration!

Play will resume on the 26th of May.

Have fun at the concert, everyone!


Event 10

May 12, 2008

The Game: Again, Nick and Ali’s place. 10 strong, although there was some discussion about that before we got started. Two tables of five to begin and combined to a single table of 9 after the first color up.

Standings: This was game 4 of 6 in the current satellite. Two more pots up for grabs, and remember we drop your lowest score and add the remaining 5 to determine the winner.

  • Steve, 6 points
  • Chole, 5 points
  • Ali, 4 points
  • Joel, 3 points
  • Ryan, 2 points
  • Nick, 1 point

Dealer Bonus: Nick didn’t have much playing time, but he got a chance to show off his superior shuffling skills for 99% of the event. 1 point, and well deserved.

Target Bonus: The target was eliminated by Sean in his debut game. Too bad he’s not playing for points.

New Target: Back to back wins, means that I assume the point lead going to the next event. (Steve)

Chit-Chat: I’d like to get an actual recounting of the first hand of the game from someone at the other table. All I know is that Nick called an all in move by Sean on the first hand of the game and was eliminated. I think Chole took poker lessons from Drunken Master over the last few days; he placed second after drinking for most of the day. (Since 4 o’clock, if I remember correctly!) He crippled Ali by catching a seemingly meaningless 3 of clubs on the river. Nick had to remind her that “if you’re shouting FUCK at the top of your lungs while you’re looking at your cards, you just might be on tilt.”

A special kudos to my card catching ninja of a girlfriend, Liz. After a 30 minute lesson at her new apartment before the game, she played solid poker and ended up in second place. Fortunately, I didn’t quite get to teach her everything that I knew… that and I have a nasty habit of catching spades when I need them! Good job, babe.